Blue Outlaws is an archival project of Rachel M.L. Dixon, a student of The Graduate Center at CUNY’s master’s program in the Digital Humanities. This project was originally considered during an early-pandemic Zoom call with Dixon’s old friends who once worked together on a Boston area entertainment webzine at the turn of the 21st century. The project was later brought to life in Professor Aranzazu Borrachero’s Digital Memories: Theory and Practice seminar at the Graduate Center during the Spring semester of 2021.

A large inspiration for the Blue Outlaws project is the enforcement of events during periods of Covid-19 lockdown, especially those of “superspreader” entertainment events and parties.

Rachel’s digital humanities research focuses on ludo-literary theory, digital folklore, sociolinguistics, and cultural preservation. She works professionally as a game designer and software product leader, with notable stints with The New York Times Crosswords and Games team and at Harmonix Music Systems, the studio behind AAA video games Rock BandDance Central, and Fuser. She is also a poet and writer whose work has been published in Gargoyle Magazine, Main Street RagScythe Literary Magazine, and The Moth among others, and she also moonlights as a singer/songwriter. Rachel is originally from the Boston area, once worked for the nightclubs Axis & Avalon (R.I.P.), and will always be rooting for the Red Sox.

Thank you to Kris Marino, B. Rolfe, M. Wilkins, and A. Haney, who provided and continue to provide significant resources, contacts, and guidance on this project, and without whom it would not exist.